Finding the ideal tennis program for your kids can pose as a challenge without a set goal in mind. Here at Solaris Sports Club located near Chappaqua, NY, our state-of-the-art club offers an abundance of children’s fitness programs and sports leagues and clinics for both the young and the old. Personal trainers, certified massage therapists, and our staff are all trained in fitness, and work hard to create the healthy, fit, and fun environment that makes Solaris Sports Club the best fit for you and your entire family.

Here at Solaris Sports Club, we provide our members with an advanced tennis program that can meet any of your interests. Our youth tennis includes the following:

• Elementary Programs
• Middle School Programs
• High School Programs
• Junior Ladder Leagues

If your kids show talent and a knack for tennis, don’t hesitate. Our coaches are trained and can help both you and your child continue with the sport, helping to teach them both the proper skills necessary within the game, and good sportsmanship. Over time, you will see that them grow and quickly become more advanced day by day. What’s more, your child will have not only a place where they can practice and learn, but create life-long friends within their team.

If you’re unsure as to whether or not a sports team is right for them because it may be too early to tell, that’s okay! At Solaris, we provide private lessons with our professional trainers, offering you a variety of classes that can best fit your needs and your busy schedule. It may be time to find your child a private coach, and getting a good tennis coach for kids can be hard to find. Don’t worry, because here at Solaris Sports Club, we have the best and the brightest coaches and staff here to help you gain skill and experience today!

If you’re unsure of where to go, or what you’re looking for in a good coach, here are a few helpful tips that will let you know you’ve found the right one:

Tip #1: Find an organization that is focused on both you and your family:
The first step is to find the right organization that is focused on both you and your family. If you’re looking for a place that focuses solely on giving you the proper training and skill set for exercise and sport, Solaris Sports Club is the right pick for you. If you live in Chappaqua, NY and other surrounding areas, it is a close location for both you and your family to get to throughout the day.

Tip #2: Find a coach with the right education.
Meeting the staff is an important step when it comes to looking for the right team for your child. Our tennis instructors at Solaris know how to keep everyone engaged and excited toward both the game as well as continuing to have fun throughout their day. It is important to always keep your coaches updated on any issues that you deem as important, whether they’re behavioral or otherwise. No one knows your child more than you do, so it is important that our staff is able to make your child as comfortable as possible, while also helping them learn and succeed in sport.

If you think your child is ready for a larger team setting, our coaches at Solaris will work hard to create the comfortable and fun environment you’re looking for. They are working professionals who have become trained and certified within the Tennis Association, and have several years of experience to give your child some of the best years toward their team experiences. Here at Solaris Sports Club, we’re focused on bettering you and your children toward continuing to live a happy, healthy, and fit lifestyle.

Tip #3: Watch a sample lesson.
If you’re ready to sign up for just one or two lessons, you may want to stick around before heading out to do your daily workout and see how your child’s coach operates. Here are some good questions to ponder:
1. Was the coach on time? Did the lesson begin on time?
2. Did the coach have a definite plan for the lesson and did he carry it out? Did the plan vary with each lesson, or does the coach show a numbing lack of creativity?
3. Did the coach engage your child as the lesson proceeded? Did the coach communicate to your child that he cared about him and his progress?
Coaching is teaching, and some people work well with one another, while others don’t. It’s important that both you and your child have a clear understanding and both feel happy and comfortable with their lessons. Our club works to keep both our members and our staff excited to both teach and learn together.

If you wish to sign up for tennis lessons at Solaris Sports Club, contact our Tennis Director Geoffrey Jagdfeld to schedule private lessons at (914) 962-4094 ext. 13 or geoff@solarisclubs.com today!

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